Poem -



Word is  God 
God is  word 
Love is  God 
God is  love 
You  doubt me? 
Let me say
It's  true in a way 
Words can make people 
Words can break people 
Words are Gift from God 
Like a Magic Spell
When you  use it right 
You create wonders 
When you use it wrong 
A deep cut is  made to a heart
Words  live for  once 
We should  give life 
To the Right word 
At  the Right time 
It's our responsibility 
Let my words 
Wake up the  responsibility 
That's  in slumber
You may ask why Should  I? 
Am just trying  
To use my words  right
To ignite a little  Spark in you 
I hope i did a good job
Because  that Smile on your face 
Confirms me that 
My words 
Made them bloom

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Tony Taylor

Hi RAMYA!!.....Well delivered 'poetic advice'/insight¬†my friend!!...... Words have the power to change the world!!....... and through them one CAN ~ "ignite a little spark in you...."........ALL STARS!!........ well done dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo ūüźß‚úī‚̧

Ramya Chandramohan

Thank you¬† so much for taking time to give it a read. It means a lot... ūüėäūüėäYeah.... Words can change¬† th be¬† world¬†