Poem -

Let us prey

It was a very hot day
To hot to be outside to play
I got to the railway
6 hours early omg no way
Got my bags out then the taxi I had to pay
There was no one around to here me say
This is why hate this place but I had no where else to  go for summer stay
Summer was over  hooray
Back to school on Monday
So here I sit till the train decide to come by later today
This is a weigh station out in the desert there was no one here and its midday
No office no bathroom no shade and everything you can see is painted grey
I put my bags in an arch way that had a little bit of shade until the train  decides to come through later today
I sat down with my bags but the wind changed bringing with it death and decay
Man that smell was ripe somebody crawled up in here and died why couldn’t they have stayed far away
I plugged my nose the smell was making sway
IT wasn’t going to take long to find out who passed away
I rounded the third building north of the tracks and to my dismay
He looked like he was in his 90s as far as I would say
His head was ok but his body had been half eaten he needed to be put in the ground with out delay
Cell phones do not work out here this deep in the desert I might as well use a big clump of clay
If I knew how to use the Telegraph I could send a message that way
I found a shovel and a pick out by the old shed near the rotten stack hay
I clean the body took all his belonging put them in a bag then buried him before you could say
All aboard and I got the train smelling like I was an old wild stray
I kept his cowboy hat it was the only thing worth my time and  on the front was a blue jay
 Inside a note to Mrs. Cynthia Oday
Cynthia your my only living relative that I could find I am sad to say
 My name is of no importance but I’m related to your mother back in the day
Well if you got this note I have passed away
I want to Bequeath to you my entire estate worth about 10 million take this  note to Chicago to lawyers Geuson and Grey
As fast as you can without delay Don’t tell anyone or call when get just tell them your name Cynthia Oday
 Your mother Vivian was very nice to me a long time ago she asked me to stay and I never thanked her properly this is my way to repay
There was also a 100 dollar bill if finder of this note please forward to Cynthia Oday I would be very much appreciated as now I have passed away
Now my soul can rest thank you now let us prey



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