Poem -



I can change a lot of things that I do
I can even change my food
And I don't have to drink a brandy
To put me in a relaxed mood

I can change a lot of things
That much is true
And though you don't need me now
I can't change the way I feel about you

I give you all of my love
I give you all that I've got
And even though I didn’t stay
I still give you a lot

I was a fool to lose you
I was a fool to walk away
you were the best thing that happens to me
But still, I didn't stay

I wish I can change that hands of time
And never give up the chance you given me
I didn’t know what I was thinking
Now I blame it on a momentary lapse of sanity

But that’s not true
It’s the choice that I've made
I thought that I was too young to settle down
And in my hands, I held the ace of spade

I should have been honest with you
And told you the truth
I was in love with you
But thought that love won't mix with my youth

And I left you crying in the gallery
And drove away that cold day
And kept you in my heart
Like the one, I let get away

You depended on me
And I left you lost in the wind
And I come back now because I miss you
But how do I start? where do I begin?

You wanted more for tomorrow
But I was only living for the day
And while you cry, I said you are acting childish
That everything will be okay

So, I spread my wings
And you watch until I disappear
And I didn't look back
To see if you were still standing there

you were left to face life alone
with a hole in your heart
you wanted me to keep us together
but instead, I tore us apart

I just want to run to your arms
And reverse all the lost years
But I heard that you are married now
And give your love to someone else

I have never been with anyone
I always save my heart for you
And I will not come to see you again
To reopen the wound in your  heart is something I won’t do

I know that you still love me
Because I still love you
And we would never stop loving each other
No matter what we do

And if ever you are ever alone again
Just look my way
With no questions ask
I would love you till my dying day

I hope this letter reaches you
Because I seal it with my tears
And it's written with emotion’s
That was bottled up for years

I will stop writing now
Because the tears are blurring my eyes
And though I may never see you again
I would never end this letter, by saying goodbye


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