Poem -


to be happy but how

all the lies make me want to die before my time stuck in the same ol game every damn time can't stop and I won't stop till every drip drop has fallen from my eye ALL YOU DO IS MAKE ME CRY AND ASK YOU WHY AND ALL I GET ISa DONT  KNOW WHY!!

got me thinking all this shit in my head man rather be dead then feel the pain

again and again in my head and my heart I know this has to stop but where do I part my life with him I have made can't go back time to gane some respect know how to treat your woman

you lie and you don't know why and all you  make do is cry make me feel less than what I should feel got me all in a mess feeling things I shouldn't feel . nigga wanna tell me I'm all bent out of shape when your the one to blame

feeling off balance mind in a blur can't shake the feelings OF THE WEIGHT YOU PURSUE

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