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We call life a gift,
But when fully lived,
And didn’t keep track,
We’ll already have to give it back.

Meanwhile, we are living our life
in a constant state of denial,
Here by death.
A moment in time we’re all going to get at,
But during our lifetime try to forget.

We grow up knowing nothing’s really promised in life, but death.
The hopes and dreams of a future ahead,
Those are the thoughts that keep us fed.

Goals that eventually lead us to 
our final destination,
Where we’ll accomplish the end
And celebrate our “graduation”.

There’s a thin dread between 
life and death.
Your first and last blown breath.
The only thing that 
keeps it from shredding,
Is when we never start forgetting.

Only by memories
You will then live on,
You wont be there
But you wont be gone.

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Great write chiara.
excellent debut.
The harsh realities of life ...
eventual death.

Jamie Crawford

Beautifully written thoroughly enjoyed. Good work :)

Edward Williams

 beautifull Wright Chiara summed up life in a meet little package