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Without us knowing,
The mirror reflecting us is showing, aย recreation of the perfect reality,ย weโ€™re all blinded by a fantasy.
All because the mirror isnโ€™t in one piece; โ€™Perfectโ€™ Is the only picture thatย everyone sees.

We act like we donโ€™t know,
While everyone sees whatย 
it really does show, all itโ€™s fake.
We caused it to break,
After calling it a big mistake,
And we finally start to realise,
We still want to make,
Up even more lies.

But why should we care,
Although everyoneโ€™s aware.
We are letting the unreachable win, by just trying to fit in.
We donโ€™t dare, and the ones who do are treated unfair.

That fantasy turns into dreams,
While getting hit by reality it only seems, itโ€™s something theyโ€™re unable to achieve,
Dreams turned into goalsย 
Are erased caused by disbelief.

People strive at perfection,
The opposite of their reflection.
They struggle with whatโ€™s real,
So they try to conceal,
With whatever they are dealingย 
And what theyโ€™re really feeling.

By pretending the mirror did not shatter, and everything what they really were,ย didnโ€™t ever matter.

A mirror doesnโ€™t show you the person you could become,ย 
it only shows your state at a specific moment andย 
everything you could overcome,
And if you donโ€™t like whatever you see, youโ€™ll have let the insecurities won.

Do not hide from this fight,
Learn to love who you are inside. When you accept who you truly are, the wound closesย 
remaining only a scar.


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