Poem -

The 4 seasons

The 4 seasons

I still remember,
When we were younger 
In the summer the days were longer, rising early going late to bed, those sunny days I’ll never forget, and how much fun we always had.

I still can see
The colourful fields formed by a million flowers, where we used to dance and run and had many cold showers.
At those times i never felt alone 
And when the sun shone,
way up high in the sky appeared a rainbow,

But i didn’t know
That the days were getting shorter, and the nights were getting colder, every day the trees got balder.

In fall
The leaves that fell off the trees,
They formed a gorgeous masterpiece.

Then in the winter 
We started skating on ice,
For a blank canvas it looked so nice. On Christmas Eve we all came together and wore our ugliest Christmas sweater,
enjoying our last days of the year in the icy weather.
We made lots of angels in the snow, but the angels eventually had to go.

In spring
The flowers bloom,
the birds sing,
and the bees zoom.
Landscapes looked like a painting, but time wasn’t waiting. When we used to climb in trees to see the amazing view,

But before i even knew,
The months had gone by
I wished 
for an overdue.
I wanted to go back
I never kept track,

but then,
It began all over again.


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