Poem -

Life's Poem

This morning I arose late.
There was no song in my heart.
With no strength to open the gate.
Seems my world has fallen apart.

Alone in darkness I hear the sound. 
People hurrying on their way. 
As the world turns around. 
Children laughing as they play. 

Alone and discarded. 
This is my recall. 
I sit broken hearted. 
From my fall. 

Days turn into a week. 
And months to a year. 
Still no one to seek. 
None to hear. 

Homeless I am now. 
With trees all around. 
I ask how. 
Laying my head on the ground. 

Family to turn to. 
Where did they go. 
The sky is no longer blue. 
Alone is all I know. 

Clothes worn and tattered. 
Bones cold and weak. 
A world shattered. 
Mighty turned to weak. 

Alone year the pass slows. 
As a vet I can survive. 
A strong wind blows. 
I'm still alive. 

With tears on my face. 
A church I did find. 
His amazing grace. 
Eased my mind. 

With time on my hand. 
These poems I write. 
Like grains of sand. 
Hidden in sight. 

With my story told. 
My heart at rest. 
I'm getting old. 
And becoming my best. 

Something to leave behind. 
For all to see. 
Words from my mind. 
Are now set free. 

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