Poem -

Lifted from times dying face

Sad the madness scribes
ocean flee's the peeling sky
blood spotted across loves opening slash
filed the curse 
against silence force fed thorny crown
drawn the pencil darkness
an undusted swallowed epitaph
weak in weeping broken glass
Whiskey protected in lead and last

Sad this created given madness scribes
howling bitten a frozen black dog vision
measured by moments the room in size
answers scab ,while blood still decides
Myth and mystery 
begged and pleaded
yet cables snake and homeless
cheap framed paintings 
static in their own wreck

Sad choked in a madness blessed
ribbed ,caged, globe and bowl
features ferment into another happy end
breath nailed with vicious point
even death a hollow excuse
wooden lids creak
while stairs strain in vast oceans
floating the debris in sunken vines

sad this never ended madness
forgotten this name 
which appears stained in happy endings-

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Tony Taylor

You're friggin' brilliant!!.... your decision to go over the top with your poetic self-expression...... works..... depending upon what part of the country you're reading aloud in!!.(smiles)......ALL STARS!!...LOVE your stuff girlfriend!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!....T xo 👍👍✴❤❤✴😊👏👏👌