Poem -

Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Sporadic in welt and sweat and stain,
Tongue enlaced erratic, profrane.
Riddles of latin midst vomiting mess,
Fastenend to posts, family distressed.

Bedside manner disgusting and vile,
Blood stained crotch and execute bile,
Projectile stream across the room,
Malevolant cackle, demon exhumed.

Ripples through skin and jugular enlarged,
Spectre and appiration of loved ones, mirrage.
Weeping parents verbally torn to shreds,
Quivering in fear, they retrun to their beds.

Bellow of muck and slanderous berate,
Lay an amused in darkness await.
A foe of stander, coporeal of light,
Knock on the door in dead of the night.

Footsteps ascend in silence, despair,
Heartbeat a flutter with every stair,
Opening door revealing malefic grotesque,
Light and dark the ultimate test.


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Edward Williams

Wow really imaginative great pen work I bet your stuff looks some good in ink on paper.👏

Renee Rush-Boyko

Morbidly haunting, yet in a strange way I find myself hot and bothered! I love it!