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Intoxication...inebriation...belligerence with dedication. Self destruction, devastation; Liquid Courage: false elation. Interpretation, my words are slurred! Drunk presentation has occured! Infestation! Maggots feast! upon sobriety...utterly deceased. Strong temptation: fornication! Cross the threshold of a whore's Safe Haven! Brothel! Brothel! Lust foundation! Concrete jungle, mass creation! Golden Goblet, fill the glass! Cheers, my friends! We drink at last! Idol, worship: flesh of man! Liquid Courage in a can! Strip the clothing off my back! Penetration! Don't retract! In fact, dig deeper! Fill my void! Desolation! Paranoid! Broken! Shattered! Sliver Razor! Blade and Liquor: Double Savior! Passion fruits so full of flavor! Quite refreshing, sinful savor. Shield and sword, my Beverage Lord; acidic burn so much adored. I am courageous! I am bold! My malted liquor takes his throne! A crown of gold, a toxic soul; Breathalyzer: Overload! I'm just a coward underneath! Peel back the skin, you'll find a sheep! Meek and feeble, flaws revealed! So long my fear has been concealed! Beneath a mask of many drinks! Pour one up, "Take a shot for me"! Another toast of macabre, motives depraved: I manipulate! Damsel! Damsel! In distress! Rip this Scarlet Letter from my chest! I am not a victim! I am just a drunk! My common sense has become defunct! Green Apple Loko in my cup? It's empty! Time to pour another one up! Who was I? A drunken whore?! No! I am NOT that harlot anymore! My drink is gone! My cup is empty! Satan, I won't allow you to tempt me! Exempt me from chaos, your devious plans! You will NOT make instruments out of my hands! For my hands are not idle, nor will they sin; My courage comes from my battle inside the Lion's Den...

-Kelly M. Gregory-💖💖💖

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Simon Bromley

Extremely fun to read and not once did I question what you were writing about.  Enjoyed and understood comfortably.  Well done. 


I agree with Simon,

An extremely fun, flowing, engaging piece of writing, 
with great use of imagery
and meter... Well Done! 

Also, so very honest, brave 
and knowing! X