Poem -

LITTLE DOLL...(pupilla)

I have searched amongst the cosmos
And all the mountains high
But cannot find my little doll
I hear her though, she cries

I have dived into the rivers
And rode upon the seas
But nowhere is my little doll
Reflected back at me

I clasped my hands together
And prayed to God above
To help me find my little doll
If me, he truly loves

But God, he has not answeredย 
His gaze I cannot find
And I wonder if my little doll
Exists only in my mind

I hear her though, she cries.
Marion Price(2019)


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Jill Tait

Awww poor little lost doll xx

Marion Price

Hi Jill, yes it is about searching for the self or finding oneself in the reflections of people eyes or god'sย  eyes etc....the tiny reflection of ourselves in the pupils of our eyes is sometimes called..'little doll' as you already know. I didn't but when I read about it I was enchanted and wanted to write about it ...hugs ๐Ÿ’•