Poem -

Lonely in insanity not alone


We watched the fountains
in that colour fed
Ancient zero nothing they said
yet everything is seen through
a looking glass breaking on you

Dragged the artist who dares
painted women seated in the lion's lair
written below in hieroglyphic scroll
secrets banished
secrets unsold

Created dusty sheet
make love to shores of creaking wooden crosses
tattoo printed on a severed limb
guided traced filming
running raced

She collected large mainly unwashed
which were hung in criminal oses
around her staggering gaze
on shiny brass handles
in polished craking stairways
they dangle
corpse covers

Loneliness the cryptid haunted thing
punished her long ago
now she smiles
and a myriad of running creases
bleed into the moon-faced beach

She strokes a newly hung scented shroud
wonders where the occupant lived

then laughing rather hoarsely
she knew
she knows where that
occupant exists

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Lorris Morris

Its amazing how you dont get much love here by fellow poets....all smiles