Poem -

Long distance relationship

To my lover

We found love, but it's not the end of our quest. 
Life has given us the ultimate test. 
How long does our patients, endurance, trust and love last. 
We aren't made to go the easy way.
Enjoying a future extraordinary life,
Means there has to be some sacrifice.

Eventho I can't touch you, smell you or feel you,
With our hearts bound to miss each other, 
Please don't worry about me. 
Please don't worry about us. 
Our time together will come,
Days, weeks, months apart
It doesn't matter, you are locked inside my  heart.

With every sunrise I desire you more, 
With every sunset I feel you coming closer, 
Another day that passes whilst I'm missing you, 
Only means we are a day closer to our dream coming true

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