Poem -

My ego

Attached to the wrong things
Poisoned and empowered by legal drugs
Wasted time 
Negative thoughts 
Loneliness, self hate, 
These are some of the things you brought. 
Aswell as the inability to receive love
That burden is a mental glove
Thight and choking 

My ego, you say that you protect, 
But you took over, every aspect. 
Where is my true self
Lost and forgotten? 
Broken into pieces and dissolved? 
My ego, too rotten and too involved.

My ego, I want to let go 
Of your worry, punishment and sorrow
But where do I start
Do I have to take myself apart? 

You are my mind, my perception. 
I cannot trust. 
You are deception and unjust. 
I want to reinvent, redesign 
Everything about my mind. 

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Simon Bromley

Powerful fantastic write about someone who has lost their identity.  Well done.

Tony Taylor

Hello C.T. FACTORY!!
This a VERY insightful piece you've delivered here....a poetic self-examination of the 'why' behind the reason the author allows herself to be suffocated by an overwhelming relationship......VERY compelling.....ALL STARS!!......Well conceived & BEAUTIFULLY delivered dear poet sister!!.....and.....in case no one has said so......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo ūüźß‚̧¬†