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Love is Like a Red, Red Rose. I Find it More Like Wine

Love is Like a Red, Red Rose. I Find it More Like Wine

The earthly aroma of that uncorked wine
Flushed open the pages of my youth again.
As to an easier chapter in a simpler time,
I roamed (with stick in hand) through glen.
I was marching down to my stop
Where the bridge darted over nestling water
To meet with a soft blanket of snowdrops
That I had come to cruelly slaughter.
Like some Jacobite, I glanced my blow,
The pine branch mowing through the flower.
And from the massacre that lay below
The stems heaped to form their bower.
Through the emerald bodies I saw a red,
A ruby amidst that lifeless green sea.
Yet it looked drunken and almost dead
Above the mound of the fallen free.
What brought her to a foreign land?
An English woman on my Scottish shore.
A plaque now spent by dust and sand
Bore her name throughout the gore.
There was nothing else to say.
Only a clueless and coded mystery.
A name forgotten and gone away,
Blown adrift by the winds of history.
I gently plucked her from the bed.
And read aloud her name, forlorn.
From my hand, she drew a thread
A victim of her lustful thorn.
Wine is such a treacherous drink.
A glass to drink will bring great pain
And a bottle will cast your heart to sink.
I cannot drink this joy again.
The rose is pressed beneath the page,
Dead; but there, inside that book.
Its beauty now permitted to age,
So that I may have my look.

He said love is like a red, red rose.
I find that love is more like wine.
It lasts a while and then it goes
Unlike that darling rose of mine.

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Tony Taylor

What a truly compelling narrative piece of dramatic romance!!..... there are so many excellent phrases that drive the story forward here..... like ~ "Only a clueless and coded mystery" or "An English woman on my Scottish shore"....... that are subtly powerful and the mark of a talented writer...... well crafted with perfect rhythm and timing in the delivery...... and polished with the a perfect final stanza......a true pleasure to the ear and the minds eye!!......ALL STARS!!......a pleasure brother poet!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!....... high fives SHAUN!!.......T xo 😉☀✴✳

Shaun McGlynn

Thank you, Tony. In the short time that I have been a member here I have grown to admire your work and respect your commentary. Means a lot!

Deborah Evans

Hi  Shaun Such a lovely read. 
The imagery is wonderful, 
every verse compelling you to read further 
the story romantic yet sad and tragic
For me a great piece of writing
Best wishes Debs