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I’m a maniac,
I tore you limb from limb,
Watched the blood pour out of the body,
Bitch, they call me a lil crazy,
They call me on the daily,
If you want someone gone just hit me up and they’ll be gone.

Some people call me psycho,
Some people think I’m friendly,
When deep down I already saw their blood on my hands,
Bitch your next,
You hurt me way too much,
So here is your karma,
It will only hurt a lil bit I promise baby.

Now you’re on the floor begging me,
Just to stay alive,
You told me you were sorry but those words…
Honey they just for play,
Do you think I believe you?
Maybe it's finally time that you felt some pain!

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Tony Taylor

Wow this is crazy... just as the title implies!!......a well formatted and rhythmically sound piece of poetic prose...... compellingly dark and maniacal!!........ALL STARS!!...... well penned dear poet brother...... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )