Poem -



I need air, shelter and water 
I don’t need a tv 
I need safety, law and order 
I don’t need items, to be me 
The feeling of belonging, affection, achievement   
Friends to guide, family’s support in bereavement   
Self-actualization, growth and fulfilment   
Space to be me, humanity reconcilement   
Abandon the fur coats, granite marble floor 
For I don’t need to bathe in material galore 
I’d rather pick a flower than like your picture on Facebook 
Stop taking pictures of take-outs and learn how to cook 
Take a walk, fly a kite, write a book, take a hike 
Put down your phone and look at the night   
The stars and the moon, you don’t need to scroll 
Pause YouTube for a second and connect with your soul 
Abraham Maslow, designed a hierarchy of needs 
And I don’t see on these needs a need for the greed 
If your mind is beautiful, and the people around are too 
You don’t need expensive items, because you can be you 
That is richer than any car, home or phone 
You will learn to love life, even on your own 
Because you have everything the world gives you, every day 
And for all of these things you don’t need to pay

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 I always found that the persons who would say these things are the ones who have ...they don't have a clue about real suffering and not having such luxuries ....they can take a break from...

I like the positively behind this ink, and the thoughts placed behind it...

Saffron Amber Hill

Thanks for your comment. I wrote this because I see everyone really bothered about the latest gadgets and materialistic items, friends sticking around only when you have money etc. People have lost touch with the real world and feel like they need items to prove their worth and I don't think thats the case x