Poem -

Maybe it's if only

Maybe once there was a time of innocence 
Maybe once there was a time of unity & charm, 
Where honesty surrounded a lifestyle avast
But still mankind continues to desolute & harm, 
Maybe one day money will have its worth
Never leaving the hungry on the side shelf, 
Maybe technology should return to its day
Maybe once there was a worldwide equal wealth, 
Maybe mankind will rotate forever,in its path
Undoing nature's beauty,only for one's greed, 
Maybe our needs should be less, these days
Maybe as onc,return to similar days to seed, 
Maybe one day the fallen will return to the call
With paths highly decorated in white stone, 
Maybe one day man will dismantle the button
Maybe as before, our needs revised til alone, 
Our calling maybe will return to a day
Where mankind will have learnt from its past, 
May once there will be a time of innocence 
And maybe as different beginning,layered & cast. 

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