Poem -

Maybe, just maybe

You were here now your gone emotions fly high and tears run out of my eyes as I lay here thinking of you wishing you be next to me. Wondering how your sleeping or if your sleeping at all ... we have both done some terrible things but these things can't be taken back well not now..... atleast not for now ...as the higher gods above us punishing us both our time and energy may be lost but my love for you never will be some day this will be over some day this will be the past may be some day I'll have you back in my arms where your meant to be living life happy and free ...away from all the drama away from all this negativity just you and me and these three...these wonderful and bright children of ours who we both love so much...May be this is a test from up above to show us how much we are needed to be together you and me forever This is a small road block that's all it is nothing more and nothing less in this wonderful world of ours we have a choice to live our lives to the greatest and possible way we can ....in the end none of this will matter none of it... It's just words it's just laws and rules we only have one life this life.... being apart from you has lighten my eyes shown me the way of how it's meant to be and if we are meant to be then things will work out eventually. Maybe not now maybe not in 6months maybe not a year but if we stick together just wait and see this will just be a memory the start of our great escape the start of something new and the end of something that should never be brought up again.

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Tony Taylor

A truly compelling piece of poetic prose that seems to be a declaration of Love and acceptance at the same time!!...... some well considered and delivered phrasing running throughout!!......I pray that this helpsĀ the authorĀ to feel a bit better about the burden she seems to be carrying!!......ALL STARS!!...... thank you for sharing this!!.... and..... in case no one has said so......WELCOME to COSMO SKYE!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo šŸ§ā¤