Poem -

"Me Constantly"

"Me Constantly"

"Letting all of these things out,
one by one,
and choosing not to be numb.

So much pain,
pushed out through one thought process,
It's all fighting to be the trigger,
to administer,
the drugs they delivered.

Salvation, sweet salvation,
tears blur these words,
on these pages,
while the war in me constantly wages,
but God is holding me,
above it all.

As I am carried above the fight,
I see all the soldiers,
on both sides,
their blood runs bright red this night.

Every night I'm left,
inside my mind and my home,
my only solace,
but God is getting through this time!
The sunshine is coursing through these veins,
these very veins,
and this time,
I can honestly say I've changed!"

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