Poem -

Media Virus

This virus
It's inside us all
It's the unwanted guest
in the great and the small
It greeted us as "family"
then ate us for breakfast
It's called The Media
and it is relentless
Like that fungus that penetrates
antoid skulls
and slowly fries them
to bonkers nuts
Now it's infested politicians
celebrity stars kings and queens
And has taken over the innocence
of our childhood dreams
Everywhere we turn
we are exposed
Even while binging down ice cream
in our pantyhose
Even while we work
blasting through the radio
We're coaxed into riding
in the circus rodeo
And when we all fall off
the bull shall be unleashed
No doubt those trampled
will be "the least"
In this kingdom of fools
where money reigns
And consumer identity
has consumed people's brains

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