Poem -


The year is 1492 
i live in the middle ages 
I am poet wondering though
europe by horse back
in the dark ages looking
for adventure and romance
i came to the city florence
wondering though this 
beautiful city i was walking
along the river when i saw 
a beautiful lady painting 
i stop and said very nice 
painting may i ask your name
she said Julie she said what is
your name i said i am the poet Mark 
so we talked for hours and days 
and we full in love!!! and on the river
one night with the moon full we made 
love i found the romance i was looking for
then i hear of the  adventure of a life time
christopher columbus may sail to the new world
to un know places i thought what wonderful
thing i like to do Julie say no i will never see
you agin i said yes you will THEN!!!
the black death came with lots people dieing
and then my beautifull Julie became ill 
with the black death and in 3 days she died 
My heart was broken i cryed for days
and then i now have the black death 
and i lay in bad and may die any day

and the story ends the poet dies
and goes to heaven and meets up
with Julie and they live happy ever
after the end!!!


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Terry Reeves

Good Greg - you will not die,
you will be with us forever!

Greg Etsell

thank you Terry 
yes i will be here forever 
i am well 

Pratibha Savani

Ooohh sad love story set back in time. Enjoyed the narrative 😃

Greg Etsell

thank you it is a sad 
story i didnt want to write 
it but it kept comeing to me 
so i had to write also  it has 
to do with this show i am watching 
on netflix called Medici very good show
that is what gave me the inspiration
to write this glad you injoyed thank you for 
the stars and like

Jill Tait

Awww sad but happyish ending 🤣💗❤️💗

Cherie Leigh

Hi Greg. I love medieval tales and I bet you were influenced a bit by watching "Medici" on Netflix a bit...lol.  What a sad story. I do like that the lovers die, they meet again in the afterlife to pick up their love. The black plague was a horrible time during the Renaissance and killed 50 million people which was 60% of the population...How horrible that must have been.  Who would have thought that fleas on rats could have such a massive death effect. Poor medieval poet, Mark. Poets back then were revered. I wish they were today...lol. xo Love n Hugs   

Greg Etsell

Thank you Cherie yes i was infuenced by the  show 
Medice on netfix i am all done with this show i cryed many time i
shouldnt have the corruption and the sin against GOD 
in the end GOD had his say i love my story it is innocent
2  people in love that died young thank you for reading

Being Me

This is a fabulous narrative poem, Greg!  I love stories in poems x

Greg Etsell

Thank you Tina 
i love this story 
i got the idea 
after watch 
 the show Medici
on Netflix great
show hope you try
and watch it 

Being Me

Your welcome...it made for a great little read.

Medici you say?  I will have to look out for that on Netflix. I like that kind of thing. Thanks for the recommendation x