Poem -

Mid Night Fangs

Mid Night Fangs

Lurking within shadows darkness  
Stealthily watching among prey
Patiently waiting to expose reason behind such animality damnation
My pupils expand wide permanently focusing as if a lion ready to pounce 

Each throb from your heart's rhythm is a plentiful delighting sound
Similar to parents calling their children for dinner
Otherwise a superb feast myself won't be late for
The blood coursing your veins is a necessity, and share equal importance of a mother's breast milk to her infant

Suddenly your comfortably dark red liquid is sustenance
Wasting no time I allure you connecting our brainwave frequency 
A hypnotic trance guiding to your unexpected doom
Finally your body's embarrassed with my monsterous arms

Gently placing my hand against your neck
Caressing your necks pulsing blood vessel
Feeling purest ecstasy as it flows throughout your body 
Now a dinner bell ringing loudly inside my head 

My meal seems to be prepped and served
Fangs began to appear quick as light striking
My teeth tenaciously piercing in your precious flesh
Vital fluid instantly pour, and squirt heavily what wasn't digested

That feening need vanished rapidly just as your life 
Your crimson staining my lips delivers fulfillment like I've climaxed 
Standing over your drained shell  truly pacify
The who, what, when, and how disappearing into the night 

My escape never seen only causing wounder
Some will say my being is myth or fantasy
Otherwise a story to frighten childern through the peeking hours 
Although those who witness me never live to speak of my authenticity


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