Poem -

Most Today

it seems most today
are slightly confused
on what actual talent is

as if word salad
hastily tossed
with no seasoning
or meaning
is equaling
executive chef statuses

but that's just
the mainstream
line of thinking
when it comes to
social media marketing

trying to sound
the most rehearsed
and well-versed
with big words
describing nothing

and suddenly
selfies with weak captions
to bring out
followers abundantly

this is just an observation...
but a "cool" background
is not a substitute
for true use of tools
for this vocation

objectively speaking...
there's more "photoshop poets"
violating the "do's and don'ts" with
candid pics
accompanied with
words of which
they don't even
know the meaning

just saying...
this theme is repeating...
and it's annoying...
so write thoughtfully...
and responsibly

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Thank goodness for you Stephen! I can relate  so well to your words in this  piece and feel frustrated at the laziness that exists  in not using the wonderful richness that words and language can give to anything we write or say..I am beginning to miss it and sometimes feel like an old relic gathering dust in a library no longer being used..but not today! You have restored my faith in words my friend! Thank you.  Lodigiana x