Poem -

Mother’s last breath ❤️

Mother’s last breath ❤️

With an endearing smile
She fakes all her pains
Her dignity intact as this illness remains
Grandma’s beloved families
Their last calls for goodbyes
She tightens her lips, not a time for sad sighs

Emotions are powerful strengthening the gloom
Tho she endeavors gentle whispers in her moment of doom
Her children try to act normal throughout their stay
Mother knows of their sorrow
They are feeling this day

This little body is deminished,fragile & frail
The skin lacks it’s lustre, whilst complexion so pale
Can this truly be Mother, Grandmother & best friend
The final stroke was too powerful
The last straw in the end

She closes her eyes as her tiny head tilts
Lay soft on her pillow 
Mother’s gasping it wilts
Her eldest son Matthew is caressing her brow
Whilst Mary her daughter can’t keep silence now
Crying & sobbing their dear Mother has died
They all stoop & smother where this body is lied

Yet Mother devine has risen above
As she peers down on her loved ones, she possesses their love
Her spirit has lifted, it has left it’s hollow shell
She is welcomed by the Angels
In Heaven she will dwell


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Jill Tait

Thanks Poetessdarkly so kind words xx


Hello Jill...

I never said goodbye to my Mother...

I told her I will see her later and I wondered would she always and forever be my Mom...

Would I always be her daughter?

I loved her don't get me wrong but, I would like to know the difference of being born to someone who really wanted me...

Beautiful write!

Thank you for sharing...



Jill Tait

She will always love you as your Mother :) Thanks u love xxx