Poem -

“mountains are actually just huge triangles”

I've always been terrible with girls, man
always climbing the highest of mountains, seeing the wrong ones fall into something called "a moment"
to end back where they started with the same choices they had to make before
and I, I could never make it to the top to see the right one fall, grab her as I fall with her and be deemed hero, just before we crash
that's just how it goes I guess
the feeling of suspense, going to stress, going to insecurity
and that in a triangle of lustful people

we all want the same
to love and to be loved
the happily ever after

guess you never really know how the book ends
guess you have to write your own one
guess I just have a severe case of writers block

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Marion Price

Hi Sasha, really had a powerful feeling from this. Took me back to the awful insecurities of my long ago youth...( Please don't take me back THERE again)...lol...touching write 💕

Sasha Illegems


Thanks a lot! and haha, nothing wrong with a lil’ flashback from the past!