Poem -

My Angel

My Angel

An Angel once whispered in my ear..
You're never alone, I'm always here.
For every tear that you may cry..
I'll catch and nurture your sad-eyes dry. 

When you're asleep I watch your pain..
I enter your dreams yet once again.. 
Trying to send you a message of hope..
To give you strength and help you cope. 

For I will never leave your side..
I feel your sorrow and heart's desire.
I've shared your joy, your ups and downs..
Every laugh and cry, your smiles and frowns. 

Just when you think that no one cares.. 
Do not give up and dwell in despair. 
Remember that whisper in your ear? 
Just ask for help, I'm always here.

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Jill Tait

So glad I’ve found you on Cosmo what a ⭐️