Poem -

My Dark Friend

My Dark Friend

Oh so your back,
i hope you had fun,
Laughing with your friends,
Even basking in the sun,
Didn't you hear me,
When I asked to go ?
Oh no you didn't,
For you had to run,
Are you actually ashamed of me ?,
I can see exactly what them friends do,
They mock ,laugh and lie to you ,
Where are they when your unwashed,
In your night clothes for days on end ,
Screaming and shouting out in pain,
Lying broken on the floor,
I notice they don't knock on your door,
Oh no it's me here then,
Yet you can't take me,
When you go out,
Well I'm your best friend ,
Honest ,kind and true,
I'm always here just for you,
im the one who never leaves,
Yet you treat me like a disease,
Well my friend today I'm unforgiving,
Unloved, unwanted hated infact,
Now come on ,
Let's get you,
Back on the right track

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Jill Tait

Very emotional & brilliantly wrote xx

Diane Redhead

Thanks Jill I think I managed to cover depression in a different context , my take on it is depression waits on you , glad you took time out to read it 

Jill Tait

Aww I luv the way  you write from your heart luv xxx

Jill Tait

So do I luv I started 2 yrs ago in RVI coz took my sister with her cancerous mole n wrote her poem when sat waitin n done 1225 since pml cant stoppit xxx

Amber Hills

Wow! I felt this. Thank you 🙏🏻