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Visit to Grandma

Visit to Grandma

Pulling string through the letter box,
until I find the key,
Opening the door,
Gran it's only me,
She sits in a rocking chair,
Beside a cast iron range,
Gran lives a simple life,
​​​​Many would find quite strange,
gran is kind honest and true,
Come sit with me
I'll make us both a brew,
The kettle filled with water,
Is boiled upon the fire,
Grans stockings dangle,
​​​​​​Below the mantle shelf,
Her home furnished with love,
For gran wasn't ,
Born into wealth,
A proggie may she made,
Lies proud beneath the hearth,
Grans light is by candles,
Electric never used,
Mums tried to tell her,
But gran is not amused

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Jill Tait

Awww I luv thisun xxx Haha u live in Morpeth very near me Im in Wooler xx

Diane Redhead

I do live near you , I love old school think I was born in the wrong era lol .I often go to Wooler drive through it a lot love the hills xx

Jill Tait

Awww yes we have caravan park there not the huge one tho xxx been here 41 yrs but born in seahouses xx

Lorna Caizley

Love this..I'm not far from here..south Tyneside 
enjoyed this
Lorna x