Poem -

My Empire

I sit there, wondering. The world is so cruel, as age is perceived to make a massive impact on law, on the way people see responsibilities,and on how mentally prepared you are. I see it as a thing to see through. I see the experiences. Things a human has mentally been through, either in a short time frame or larger. I sit there, basically running myself through a mental loop to be better. To grow based on things instead of mentally draining myself for mistakes I have made. It’s harsh to look past the things you’ve been hurt over, like they are lessons. Not something you’ve done wrong. I look to grow an empire. Everlasting happiness in not only the things I do, but how I make my life worth living. It’s so important to grow as an individual and not stay in the same spot as I know, despite my regrets, I’m worth that. I feel the love and ever growing need to not only build these walls on my abilities. I will bring the ones I love and care about up with me. That’ll be my empire. 

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