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My Karaoke Queen

My Karaoke Queen

Our first Wednesday night together, having met just six days before;
Linda worked until six p.m., then drove to a venue I adored!
For I was a karaoke King then, singing many times a week;
But she was a karaoke virgin, her first experience to seek!
She arrived a little past seven, at the Hotel Regency;
The classiest place to perform at, that ever did I see!
We kissed sweetly when she came in, I introduced her to my friends;
They said, “So nice to meet you Linda, nice this time with you to spend”!
We ordered up some dinner, I crooned to her a song;
“This Magic Moment” by Jay and The Americans, my voice so very strong!
I told the host, my pal Joey, that my love was going to try;
Soon he called her to the podium, her anxiety very high!
I had never heard her trill before, but the moment that she sang;
I knew again, she was perfection, such magnificent melodies out rang!
She got a well-deserved ovation, one of the best the crowd had seen;
Not only was she my Soulmate, she was “My Karaoke Queen”!
Karaoke King
Found his Karaoke Queen
To reign forever


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry...What a fun evening and another bonding moment for your new love to show how compatible you two really are....I love how you always have fun together doing so much with one another...It is an incredible love story that is ongoing and touching.  I love to sing too.....but I am not sure I would have the courage to go up and sing in front of strangers....I have just done it in my home....I bet you two sing a lot together.  xo Love n Hugs

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

Up until about five years ago, we did karaoke periodically, but after we lost Nico, we stopped, not wanting to leave Cody alone.  We've done it a few times since moving to Dayton, but, now with Cookie, we won't leave her alone at night.  But we play the Golden Oldies music channel on our TV every morning, and sing a lot of the songs.  I still remember that first Wednesday night so clearly, when Linda sang for the first time, and killed it.  Imagine my elation, when finding that my new love and I had such a wonderful connection to build on.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx