Poem -

My Lions Den...

My Lions Den...

Mammy and daddy shouting,
Nobody in the house helping,
I escape the hurtful screaming,
It's just me and my lion, dreaming.

My daddy keeps on calling,
My tears keep on falling,
My mammy is bleeding,
It's just me and my lion, dreaming.

My mammy slumped on the kitchen floor,
My daddy laughing, like he did before,
I don't want to see, I should be sleeping,
It's just me and my lion, dreaming.

The tea towel, dripping with red,
My mammy shouted, "go to bed!"
Daddy said, "she's just banged her head"
I know he's lying, I wish it was him instead,

I want to walk away,
Take my mammy from this place,
Everytime I see his face,
I still hear the hurtful screaming,
Before night becomes day,
Before mammy is in a grave,
Everyday I feel the same hate,
It's just me and my lion, leaving.

This hurt too much, to be a dream,
Now I remember, this was for real,
Mammy and daddy didn't want me,
Now, I cry so much, I just can't breathe,
It's just a good job, my lion won't leave.

With my poetic pen,
This, was my lions den...

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Tony Taylor

Wayne!!..... This is SO creative.... and so well conceived.....a moving poetic narrative that goes into subject matter that SO many of us are familiar with that it shines because of its original 'angle' !! ~

                  ~ "My mammy is bleeding
                      It's just me and my lion, dreaming."

This was a pleasure to read my friend!!.....ALL STARS!!...... bravo!! 👏👏👏✴🐧


Cherie Leigh

Hi Wayne...What a sad narrative tale of abuse from the eyes of a child who has suffered the repercussions of such a horrible life....and left lost with just her stuffed lion as her friend by her side.....What a lion's den she lived in, indeed..You are great at creating sad stories that hit the heart. xo ;)