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My master and me 🐾🐾

My master and me 🐾🐾

I take my master out for a walk, she puts me on my lead.. if I didn’t intervene she would stay indoors and read.. tho she thinks it’s me she’s helping, this isn’t really the case, as I pull her around the local park giving her a little race.. it’s not that she is lazy yet she doesn’t like the cold.. I guess she’s no spring chicken, tho I’m not saying she is old

Exercise is good for her especially at her time of life.. my master’s husband passed on two years ago, she was such a faithful wife.. so first thing in the morning as soon as I awake, I jump onto her side of the bed and give her a little shake.. I listen to her moans and groans and wait until she’s had a shower, then she brushes her teeth, combs her hair and smells as fresh as a flower.. after this regular routine and it’s exactly the same each day, I grab my lead from the clothes peg and we are on our way

My master likes to sit by the waterside whilst she throws bread crumbs to the ducks.. although she knows I’d like to share it, she gives me none.. that sucks.. but it’s not because she’s greedy, she always says the ducks need it more.. and to be fair I get my biscuits as soon as we get in the door.. I really love my master and I know that she loves me..but if I didn’t take her out for walkies then I’d never get a wee

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Simon Bromley

Very clever and amusing write.  Love how you've described it from the dogs point of view.