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My Neighbor Thought Ted Bundy Wasn't A Serial Killer

One of my neighbors said something that was as stupid as can be.
It was the dumbest thing I've ever heard and it really shocked me.
When I said that Ted Bundy was a Serial Killer, he said he was not.
This man must be out of his freaking mind, that's what I thought.
I said that Bundy was a Serial Killer and his victims fates were sealed.
He said that Bundy wasn't a Serial Killer because cereal can't be killed.
He said that cereal is food and can't be killed because it isn't alive.
His low IQ explains all of his divorces, he's had twelve wives.
I don't know how this man's brain can generate enough power to make his legs move so he can walk.
He's so stupid that when he watched Columbo, he thought that America was discovered by Peter Falk.

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