Poem -

My Shining Star

A Message of Hope, Love and Friendship

My Shining Star

Please get up and keep moving… 
Stay positive and don’t give in. 
You’ve been dealt life’s hard cards… 
But never ever let them win.

Keep pushing and keep smiling… 
Just keep trying and try again. 
No matter how many times you fail… 
It’s not your fault, no ones to blame. 

I understand that your exhausted… 
It's hard to get through the day. 
I'm here to help you stay positive… 
And push the bad thoughts away. 

I will always be here to hold you up… 
When you stumble on your feet. 
I’m here to wipe the tears away... 
That are falling down your cheek. 

Choices don't belong to fate… 
As they only belong to you.
Learn from lessons you’ve been dealt… 
Embrace them and shine through. 

God has a special plan for you… 
The endurance suffered has been long. 
But God wouldn’t just give them to anyone… 
Only to those few he knows to be strong. 

You’re a better person than most… 
You don’t realise how special you are. 
I’m so proud to call you my best friend… 
I’d be lost without you… My Shining Star.

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Katina Woodruff...

Excellent writing.

Great advice on staying positive through all of life's many ups and downs. 

Favorite Stanza: 

You’ve been dealt life’s hard cards… 
But never ever let them win.

I really enjoyed reading your poem. I cannot wait to read more. 

Thank you

Life is exciting, hostile, unforgiving, breathtaking, joyful, pleasant and possible.

Through writing, we can create a new thought, for a new day, for a person who may be feeling rather down about something going on in their life. We could all use a little positive feedback from time to time. However, as my husband's family says:

"It's a Grand Grand Life, But You can't weaken,"
Volley Borgersen

Violet Freese

I love this it is well thought through and the message is excellent.
great write