Poem -

My Shoes

Could you would you swap places with me? Just for one day so you could see, how incredibly tough 
this life is for me.

If you did you would feel the pain that makes my body groan at the beginning of each day. How it does not subside, but refuse to sit to cry.

You would be in awe of my positivity wonder at my capabilities and the possibilities I consider I can still explore despite disabilities galore.

Exhausted you would be at the regime followed to look “normal.” Yoga practice,no alcohol, lots of sleep and so much more to avoid.

Experience the judgment by the ignorant few, giving wide berth to those who they view, as lesser mortals due to their disabilities.

So put on my shoes walk my path
more than the pain you will feel my restraint. The confidence I have you will see is a gift as I make the most of the life that God did give .

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