Poem -

My soul searching

My soul searching

Lost in a loveliness betwixt my soft stead
My solitary sanctuary where I lay my   head
I could lie here allday never moving a muscle amidst my silky sheened sheets without any hustle and bustle
It’s so warm and cozy an absolute bliss as I think back to my childhood and I fondly reminisce

For it is here that my thoughts spin within spirals of shred
Staring out into space
my arms behind my head
I float off into the sunset creating colours of crimsons
they shimmer and glimmer
Oh how the sea glistens
Isn’t an imagination such an intriguing thing
One can tantalise tastebuds and hear wild birds on the wing

Alas I have lay long enough dreaming my vivid visions
I have familiar faces to see and places to be on my missions
So I shall bid one and all my fondest “Farewell”
Whilst I wonder if my verses captured you under my spell 
For this was my meaningfulness
my sole searching intentions
filling your fascination with my imagery inventions


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Greg Etsell

great poem 
I think ones we all get past 60
we look at are life and wonder
why we did what did and why we
didn't  do the things we thought of
doing I do that I am 62 and it is
2020 and 1980 was 40 years ago
I was 22 and wondering what my life
would like I had lot changes in that time
some good some bad but its life 

Jill Tait

Ahh yes Greg you must b the same as me haha I’m always sat wondering what if’s xxx

Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill....You certainly do always draw us in with your creativeness and inspirations...Keep soul searching because it lends a beautiful hand into your writing.  I am at that point in my life now where I am taking everything to heart that has happened in life and  tryign to process it all for moving forward in my life.....Keep sharing your fascinations... Lol  xo Love n Hugs

Jill Tait

And you give me inspiration Cherie my love always so kind 😍❤️😍