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My television debut🤣

My television debut🤣

Grasping at straws trying to seek a solution I fail miserably with my ‘not got a clue’ contribution..stood like a lemon in a television contest, competing with three other brainboxes..I am losing my quest..why  on earth did I enter? what the hell am I doing? my simmering stewing shall make excellent viewing

I am acting like a village idiot sticking out from the rest, dam and blast this is my debut live on air and I am not looking my best, but those other competitors are only chancers on a very lucky break, getting all the correct answers, why can’t that be me for goodness sake..well I’ll have to compensate I don’t want to look a fool, I wouldn’t care but I am not ignorant, I was above average at school..yet on the completion of this second round I am sitting bottom of my opponents.. but every time I get asked a question well I go into one of those absent memory kind of moments

Third round and I need one hundred points to catch up with the rest, I think my guardian angel has taken pity on me coz my guesses have been blest..okay here goes it is my go again as the host turns to me out of the blue “Which kind of meat goes into a tradional Irish stew?” “YES” I yell, this is something that I know, “MUTTON” I shout out the answer now I am winning this game show ..on the next six questions I try not to get into a fluster and I think about the answer before blurting out anything in a bluster so I get all but the last one right and I am sitting at the very top, ‘Wow I have only gone and done it, I feel as if I’m going to drop!! whilst the rest of my opponents look along the line in dismay, I am feeling very happy with myself, in cloud nine I gotta say..thank heavens for small mercies though I am in a state of disbelief.. at least I didn’t make a fool on television, that was such a huge relief!!!


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Cherie Leigh

Hello Jill...I think it is fun to play along watching tv to see how many answers I know (mostly don't know...lol) and to learn.  It can be embarrassing to feel inadequate at trivia but in the end it is a fun way to evaluate what we know...lol..I enjoyed.  xo Love n Hugs