Poem -

Never To Old For The Sandman!

Never To Old For The Sandman!

Ah...respite relished sleeping like a baby,
variations on theme I iterate
impossible to stave of sleepiness,
nor advantageous to struggle against weight
of heavy eyelids akin
to bajillion tons of freight

after squeezing out every iota of energy,
whether mental or physical exhaustive state
subsequently pleasurable surrendering
into realm where unpredictable self portrait,
where pleasant dreams await
a personalized vividly dynamic

realm, where consciousness doth abdicate
analogous to A Stop at Willoughby
Season 1; Episode 30 of Twilight zone
May 6, 1960 - Original air date
though evocative images fill mindscape,
I immediately forget conglomerate

sans, illusory wonderful world
potential motherlode, did create
a bittersweet dire straight,
asper this aspiring scrivener
REM recall equals absolute zero
no matter awakening eye designate
natural process this body to facilitate

transitioning to formulate
after juncture of adequate
time ample restoration did satiate
yours truly revelled within tete a tete
among "FAKE" persons mine
unconscious did amazingly, gracefully,
and inexplicably generate.