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Neverending Pain

Neverending Pain

The pain of losing my little Angels, will never leave my heart;
For they were the keepers of my happiness, I wanted them to never part!
Their kisses e’er ensconced me, their hugs were Heaven sent;
They converted a known naysayer, to kowtow and repent!
They took me to the Silk Road, where Nirvana starts its flow;
I loved them more than life itself, so feared the day they’d go!
When it came, I was very ill prepared, to lose one of my little boys;
Who had guided me to The Promised Land, and brought me countless joy!
Then two years and five months later, my other Soulmate left my side;
Causing irreparable damage, millions more tears I have cried!
Now my mourning is eternal, my sadness never leaves;
For my Nico and my Cody, I shall forever grieve!
When I look at their sacred photos, it’s like staring into my Soul;
For their love kept it so happy, and made my life so whole!
Without them now I suffer, unable to fully heal;
No matter how many years may pass by, some tears I’ll ever steal!
My love will not die
My pain will not fully heal
Without my Angels


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry....Some pains cannot ever be fully healed...Loss of ones we love is one of those that just stays raw from missing them...I understand...Cody and Nico  are always a part of you....and that love will never die, even as painful as the separation is ....for now.   They were so cute!  Someday you will hug them again and receive doggy kisses.  xo Love n Hugs    

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

Your beautiful words always bring with them, hope and easement of the permeating pain.  Nico and Cody were much more than just pets; they were our way of life.  I just dropped Cookie at Doggie Day Camp, and the Director showed me a little dog she was working with, that was seventeen and a half years old.  When I got to the car, I started crying, wondering why Nico and Cody could not have had that longevity.

All my love,
Larry xxx