Poem -

New Year toast

It's the eve before the new year starts,
We are filled with expectation,
Some planning adventures and setting new goals,
While other fill with trepidation. 

Whatever fate the last year brought,
We've all pulled through somehow,
It's time to celebrate all that,
And have a big 'pow-wow'.

For those who have suffered loss,
And loved ones have left this world,
For those who have begun a battle,
As poor health has unfurled,

There are lights, that shine on through,
When the road ahead seams long,
A hand that reaches out to yours,
And encourages you to be strong.

So this New Year's Eve, hold up your glass,
As the old year finally ends,
Raise a toast, be happy, be strong and drink
To our wonderful  family and friends 

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Wilford Barker

Bravo my friend..
Thanks for sharing.. Welcome to the Cosmos..
And a happy new year to you and yours..

Dee Jay

Thank you, a very happy new year to you too. 


Great the tidings you have written. 
And your words have me smitten. 

Thank kindly for your poem and a happy one to you as well.