Poem -



Claws slicing into my skull, 
Spiked palm crushing down, 
Bones cracking, shards flying, 
Veined meat throbbing, 
Attempting to break free from the memories. 

It's beady eyes glaring into my soul, 
Warping my innocence, breaking me down, 
Pride cracking, self-respect falling, 
Hope vanishing, 
Right before it crashes. 

"I raised you. I made you. You can't escape me." 
The beast hisses, it's chant raging in my head.
Whenever I feel loved or secure, it chants the song of trauma: 
"I raised you. I made you. You can't escape me."

Now I'm alone in darkness, 
Hands failing to rip the invisible talons from my head, 
Praying to be released from its grasp;
But it's always useless, 
My mind will always be fed 
With the truthful lies it rasps. 

"I raised you." 
"I made you." 
"You can't escape me."