Poem -

Nightmares and Memories

Life is full of nightmares
So I sleep during the day
And at night I become one of them
To scare your good dreams away

Pain is a distant relative
That always comes to play
When memories of you come to mind
There’s never a delay

I smell you in the autumn air
And on those winter nights
I still feel the warmth of your touch
Memories almost out of sight

But pain turns to bitterness
Bitterness to remorse
In the end, they all turn to memories
The pain still remains, of course

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A great piece of work....look forward to reading more

Dean Kuch

This is a lovely poem, Chel.
Powerful, poignant, and emotionally driven.
As a sufferer of PTSD, I can relate to night terrors and horrible dreams.
Nice ink...
~Dean Kuch ☠️