Poem -

Alone with my thoughts

Alone with my thoughts

Surfeit of sombre notes and grim,
Dragged beneath the murky brim,
Harrowed in pity, null of elation,
Succumbed to thoughts of desolation.

Drowning as if under saline in depth,
Tightened chest and shortened breath,
Wandering mind and tarnished self-stigma,
Self-doubt, profuse, obtuse in enigma.

Hope of valiant inner strengths,
To help me fight to endless lengths,
Burning heart beats within my chest,
Deep down I know these traits I possess.

My shell, sheer hell, I feel hollow and flat,
I argue the toss with my heart in spat,
Overruled by sporadic of thought,
I slay myself incessantly wrought.