Poem -


There are no words,
There is no rhyme,
To give back what was took,
From his life on the 'line',

He plucked up the courage,
Must have dug down deep,
For his life to give,
For our freedom to keep,

Goodbyes from his family,
Teary eyes as he's leaving,
Not to know if he'll see them grow,
Might die in his fight....
....for not his reason,

In his fight against the men,
He is fighting with his morals,
Sadness mixed with anger,
Are these murders or just quarrels,

Labelled lucky to be home again,
Welcomed back with lots of pride,
A celebrated hero!
But now his eyes are open wide,

Their war has changed his mind,
Now his life is a different kind,
But while he sits in cold reflection,
They're not standing by his side!

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Dean Kuch

"He is fighting with his morals,
Sadness mixed with anger,
Are these murders or just quarrels," ...
A rhetorical poetic query, one would guess, Halo Pain.
War is hell, no doubt about it.
Having served with the US Marine Corps as a sniper, and seeing combat in Operation Urgent Fury during the invasion of Grenada in 1983, I saw enough death to last me a lifetime.
Nicely done, my friend.
~Dean Kuch ☠️

Halo Pain

Thank you, it was inspired by a photo of a homeless war veteran. I'm glad for it to do a form of justice to one of the many devastating effects of war.

Thankyou for reading and sharing 

Gerard McGowan

Millions of years of human evolution and yet we find death hard to grasp, it makes us sad, fills our hearts with pain and creates creative poems, stories to share in the hope that we can stop the killing some day. A truly inspiring poem halo. 


Really strong subject matter here... I really enjoyed the craftsmanship in each stanza, willing the reader to ponder the perils of a nation's pride. Well done

Halo Pain

Thank you very much. I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts 

Halo Pain

Thank you so much. Im glad you like this one