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No Charge to Browse [song]

No Charge to Browse [song]

Short attention span
Searching for some middleman
I β€˜m fiddled off the adderall and the ritalin
Not a sin if it’s a medical prescription,
Blitzed and split
Seeking gin and a quick hand
Or a bottle to spin for the split of a prick who slipped in quicksand
Get kicked or get kissed; this is my next plan, stan
Man, don’t support the high budget brands
Matter and mind don’t matter
If my head is overran
Money can’t buy what you can do with your own two hands
Damn, are those….implants?
Cinematography at its finest
Lighting makes me look like grocery aisle six, regardless
Either way, I don’t look too good in this still pics-but still, this
Is only meant for he’s and she’s
Fixed on a quick fix mindset
A little rustle thru the interface,
A subtle hustle for a change of pace
Or a change of face, or the slightest taste
Sip of ripple or spin for a triple
The thrill of a missile or the blow of a whistle
Makes me mental, he asks for the dental,
Drew it out like a stencil, and hyped me up a little
Just to find out it looks like a damn pencil
Whatever, nevermind he’s just a rental/
PG-13 to an R rating, I β€˜m star gazing
And starry eyed from the hard hazing
Just chain blazing and rain chasing
Through the painstaking race
To get the best face and finish in first place
At third base before the first date takes place
What a waste, small talk and I β€˜ll walk away from everything
Cos I only play the games I can win at,
Just like I only play the players I can get at
We go way back, in fact
Been there, done that, he’s hot, but he’s trash,
Trick gave me whiplash
The last smash was the best I ever had,
It’s a long shot for a long cock
Cos most would laugh, roll the grass
Flick the lighter, propane igniter,
Pick a fighter, build up the charming one liners While
I β€˜m wired,
Like every time I craft a cypher,
You gotta pay the piper
Ignore the old texts from my old ex,
He’s vexed, perplexed cos I never hit him up for the sex,
Too bad he’s too bad in bed-
Yawn, next-
Over in this new land,
Giggle with a new man
I give him an in with every compliment I pen
He asks if I wish to extend or end
The boundary that marks us as friends
With the intent of birthing a sin
I wink and drop a hint
As we start over again,
Except now he’s my biggest fan
This better not be a catfish,
Don’t think you can trick a bad bitch
Bastard son of a narcissist
Cos I learned all the bits and tricks early-
So these dick pics better be legit
Try to be slick
And you’ll get Β our wig split
From the shit talk I spit
And you’ll never get skins from this kid, friend
He detects my worry
So in a hurry he reassures me
This boy seems sturdy
My lines get a tad wordy
Tell him that I β€˜m 18
As he tells me he’s 30-
Now we’re vibing,
Getting all warm and flirty
Then we pump the gas when everything gets dirty
β€œWhen can we hook up so you can work me?”
Then he says,
β€œOh shit, I β€˜m still stuck in Jersey…”
Leave the app cos that’s a wrap for tonight
Piece of crap, now all I lack is a rhyme
Or a reason to be heated
It’s the time of the season when I'm needing a beating
My brain fleeting
With the thought of competing and repeating the same thing every night-
Don’t threaten yourself with a good time
Or a glass of wine for a guy with a fine jawline
Cos we know the thought is enough to get me high
Plus I got the power of my mind to paint the night white
So I stare into his eyes as I sigh,
And flip off the lights,
Tight, right-
You’ll make the rewrite
(night night.)

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Shawn Naquin

Produced, engineered and written by me.Β 
enjoy :)

Shawn Naquin

aww thank you! what did you think of the song? I'm curious

Shawn Naquin

Thank you so much! I kind of see it like the inside of my head- there's three vocal tracks. I wanted to make it like my ADHD and compulsiveness come to life- which is why I added the birds (which seem to almost fly around your head as you listen) and the grindr sound effect in the background at random times is representative of the addiction so many of us have to online dating/hookup apps.

Tony Taylor

Wow!!.... what a 'way cool' read that was!!...... Love it!!....... smiles......T xo 🐧✴❀😊

Silent Dreamer

Wow, you're really talented! The fact that you did all of this on your own is amazing! Very well-done. I enjoyed it tremendously

Shawn Naquin

Thank you! I just started a youtube channel, too! If you're interested, subscribe for more stuff. here's the link:
there's not too much content yet, but there will be more soon!