Poem -

No More

The rise and reign of The Dumped

No More

It’s over they say, let sleeping dogs lie.
But there’s still remnants that stay, they keep nightmares alive.
Cracks in the wood, things tarnished by memories
Guards have gone up but slowly I can see
Over the hill, honesty does exist.
No more malice or cruelty and looking for exits
No more hiding my happiness just to protect,
A fragile ego fuelled by lies and lines 
That reek of regret

Okay the battle is over but the wounds still remain.
Narcissism is toxic, there’s nothing left for you to gain.
No more egg shells, no more lies,
no more bitter pills to swallow, 
I’m stronger than I ever was,
Im full, no longer hollow.
I’m out of that empty trap, we tried to call a house
No more white powder stashed in places, no more trying to catch you out.

You can do you now,
No doubt at the detriment to others.
The honeymoon period will end soon and then begin the covers..
Soaked in blood from your nose bleeds
And tears from your lovers. 
I’ve learnt what loyalty is now 
But what’s most important to me,
I’ve learnt self worth, independence and that I deserve more than a cheat. 

You might have got your last boot in when it comes to pounds and figures,
But I’m certain you’re still losing,
Defeated by your triggers. 
I wish nothing but health and happiness to those lives that you touch,
May they one day find this enlightenment and know you’re not a crutch.

So I’m happy that it’s over,
But I’m happier that I’m free.
Your poison will no longer linger
And all ties are cut from me.

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Marion Price

Such words of hope and strength. Break ups destroy people, luckily we heal with time. Nice write 💕

Katina Woodruff...

There is a lot of emotion in the poem. There is also acceptance and strength to move forward in life. Well done! 

Favorite lines 

Your poison will no longer linger
And all ties are cut from me.

Another favorite line: 

I’m out of that empty trap, we tried to call a house

The sentence above really hit home. Often times, people stay in relationships long after they are happy. It's easy to lose apart of yourself, then when alone again, you have to learn how to pick up the broken pieces, mending the ones you can, and leaving the rest in the box for another day.