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‘No one diets in December’ 🤣

‘No one diets in December’ 🤣

Over-indulgence, stuffed to the brim, with absolutely no inclination to join the local gym.. yet you know that you should, exercise would be a good idea, but the fact is you can’t be bothered, the very thought fills you with fear..so you sit feeling sluggish shoving Christmas pudding in your face, and after what you’ve already eaten, anymore is a disgrace

But “Tis the season to be jolly’ festive foods fills your freezer, tho you try you can’t resist coz the temptation to buy it is a teaser..so just like everybody else you watch yourself gaining weight, and coz it’s cold and damp outside, you walk no further than your garden gate.. jumping in you motorcar to go from A to B..usually you would walk on shank’s pony, but not in the wintertime you see..eat, drink, be merry, make the most of this time of year, pledge yourself a promise that your New Year’s resolution is looming near

No one diets in December, that would be impossible for you, tho you  constantly have indigestion, belching wind out of the blue..opening that box of biscuits with those toffees in the tin, munching one after the other, along with your favourite rhubarb gin.. go on it’s Christmas after all, a little tipple will do you good, until you get to that point when you feel sick at the sight of seeing food.. then the festivities shall be over, Christmas time will be done, January is upon us and your New Years’s fasting has begun


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Jill Tait

Aww Thanks Greg Merry Christmas 🌲🎅🏼💙❤️