Poem -

No Paint Today

No paint today,  the easel's packed away
My brushes stand forlorn pencils are unshorn 
No oils today ,waiting patiently to dry 
The pastels in their box and here's the reason why

How could I know what a house full would mean
The end of  art for two weeks it  would seem
How could they know the palace there had been
Behind these doors where I had made it clean 
No paint today but this much I must say
The family were bright ,we turn'ed night into day

And all around the house full of clutter
I make a frown  when I get the hoover out
When asked to help the family just mutter
Put on there coats and say there just off out

No art today no use for paynes grey
The pens have dried up  too 
I've still too much to do
No fun today ,the table I must lay
The decks are still around 
Can't wait to get them down

And all around  the needles are falling
The tree comes down on New Year's Day I say 
Let's have more cake the kid's keep on calling
It's so much fun when they all come  here to stay 

No paint today for me to have a play
Put rubbish in the bin ,stack dishwasher again
No rest to take the tribe are all awake 
So let's be of good cheer 
To you Happy New Year